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20 June 2019
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New coal terminal in Nevelsk District improve the environment

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk today began mechanized cleaning of streets and sidewalks from the winter collection. Due to the warm spring this year, these works began two weeks earlier than in the past. This "island" was told in the mayor's office in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Road services have to remove debris and sand, which fell in the winter roads and sidewalks as antigololednogo funds.

- Today in the city went to work two paving vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner and a road car with the trailer KAMAZ sweeper device "Highway", - said Anatoly grateful, chief dispatcher city road management. - Due to the low night temperatures are cleaned until only during the day - approximately 16-17 hours before dinner. Purification are not at all the streets, because they do not all thawed and dried out. The technique is directed to a festive square began with the Communist Prospect and Gorky Street. In the future, we leave and other roads with a gradual increase of the number of harvesters.

  • KAMAZ with trailer sweeper device
  • KAMAZ with trailer sweeper device
  • KAMAZ with trailer sweeper device
KAMAZ with trailer sweeper device

This year, the base city road management received a lot of new equipment for the summer maintenance of the city: to the seven paving vacuum cleaners, which already has bought two new, 10 road to vacuum cleaners purchased six. Number hitch has increased from two to four, combined road machines - from five to 17 tractors with brushes - from six to 15. Most of the technology is now ready for operation. Two new vacuum cleaner - Sidewalk and road, as well as tow sweeper device is already restoring order in the city.

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